The Corporate Community

A Place for Business.
Succeed Locally, Reach Nationally.

The optimal environment for members to engage in an active and boundless community. It is an unique experience with a strategic focus and enhanced shared facilities, that encourages members and guests to benefit from spaces for business and nonbusiness related matters.

A Place for Connecting.

Fostering open dialogues, nurturing a strong community essence, providing designated gathering areas, and organizing various events to facilitate networking and interaction among participants.

Open Dialogues

A place for minds to meet, conversations to flow, and collaborations to form. Communal spaces and events connect all members and support face-to-face interactions and everevolving relationships. These physical spaces and events also serve as escapes from workday stressors, ultimately improving the effectiveness and wellness of members.

Community Essence

Accelerates the success of its members through proactive leadership and participation (leave rest of sentence blank for now) enables members to:

Community Areas

Meeting Rooms

Members are welcome to utilize modern conference and board rooms as their own. Private, spacious, and fully equipped rooms that are readily available for members to host all types of meetings.


Serves as an ideal source for event collaboration opportunities. Therefore, members are encouraged to both attend and host events within The Business Hub; members are free to use communal spaces for any event type without the hassle of planning, organizing, or executing it.